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Build repeatable jobs for bulk changes to Remedy/ServiceNow data.

Easier, Faster, more Flexible,
more Auditable than any other way.

Our Asset team runs 5 jobs a day in the Meta-Update Console — saving us an immense amount of time!

Meta-Update Console

Meta-Update Console User takes CSVs of all HPD:* tables.



ServiceNow and BMC Remedy connections can be opened at will.

A Query can reference a ServiceNow or Remedy form. A Tag is a record from a query.

All Meta-Update features work as expected except those applicable to BMC Remedy only. A new assignment command is introduced to handle the difference in Attachments.

Serveral ServiceNow scripts are included and a Meta-Archive Template that updates URLs and searchable data in ServiceNow.


Meta-Archive — HTML

Meta-Archive configured to output to HTML and store URLs and searchable data in ServiceNow


New now included with Meta-Update at no additional charge!


Archives ITSM data to CSV, HTML, Archive forms, another server.    

Easy, granular, customer aware configuration — even for bespoke apps.

Meta-Archive allows you to add URLs and searchable data to selected forms on both Remedy and ServiceNow.


Archive Targets Meta-Archive Targets

Meta-Archive building HTML pages from BMC Data and searching for that data in ServiceNow.


  Meta-Databot processing a list of Support Organization Changes

automates the BMC Data Wizard — Instead of one at a time, you do a spreadsheet in one go.

Meta-Databot sports an Undo and is easily extended with your forms or new admin jobs.

Best of all, Meta-Databot is free to run against Meta-Update licensed servers.



generates information about Remedy and ServiceNow form definition and workflow.

Software Tool House Freebies Spreadsheets have saved me countless hours. It is much faster to find form and field information in the spreadsheets than any other source. I love the spreadsheet format as I can sort, filter and add my customer fields, notes, etc.   

» Kelly Deaver, Independent ITSM Consultant



Sample Meta-Query Output generates CSVs by running Queries against Remedy and ServiceNow forms. Allows you to use direct SQL with no client (Remedy only).    




We bring expertise to bear on your problem yielding long-life, documented, adaptable solutions. — with fastideous respect for the bottom-line.

Whether you need a new app built, something added to ITSM, a connection to an in-house authentication system, a database, web services, REST integration, you can rest assured, your problem will be solved.

You will be pleased to see our reputation for speed, excellence, and pragmatic thinking in action on your requirements.


Take control of your BMC Remedy/ServiceNow data!

Make any mass data operation trivial to automate.

Archiving for ITSM, CMDB, any app. Targets: HTML, CSV, Archive forms, another server. Restores supported.

Automate the Data Wizard easily adding your own forms, ops.

What makes Meta-Update
so quick and simple?

Meta-Update combines the best from stream and procedure based ETL systems.

Meta-Update simplifies ETL, often resulting in order of magnitude savings.

"It's productive from the get go."

Meta-Archive to HTML updating a ServiceNow table

Why use Meta-Update on ServiceNow?

Meta-Update lets you automate data imports in minutes allowing multiple table updates and validating data.

No need to spend hours formatting data to import into ServiceNow.

Meta-Update allows direct transfers of data between Remedy and ServiceNow.

Meta-Update Use Cases

Automate complex data imports

Transfer data and attachments between Remedy and ServiceNow

Automate complex data transformations

Automate complex data reports or file creation

Prototype applications and services


Extensible and configurable through a spreadsheet. Easily add custom tables.

Meta-Update Console


Any ITSM release — custom apps

Handles the CMDB

Targets: Archive forms, another server, CSV, HTML

Easy setup of Mupltiple rules by Company or any criteria

Feature rich, safe. Offers restore! Reduce DB size

Included Jobs

to HTML   generate HTML with drill-down and attachments — writing URLs and data to ServiceNow
to a server DB size reduced; Archive data can be viewed and reported
to Archives moves data within the DB
automatic archive forms build
to CSVs Naming and path configurations - with restore!


Extensible and configurable through a spreadsheet.

Uses SQL like the Wizard but tables can be set to fire workflow.

Report produces a spreadsheet of records that will be changed.

Easy to add your own added tables or entirely new functions.


Report   Lists tables and records to be updated per input row
Change Makes changes, creating an Undo log
Undo Reverses changes using an Undo log
CMDB Includes CMDB Templates. Handles joins

Included in the Meta-Update distribution

Templates defined for all operations.

Additional operations defined for CMDB changes.

Save Time with our Freebies

Sample output

"Indispensible tool for any Remedy shop"

Use Meta-Schema to

Compare forms and workflow between servers

Highlight differences between releases

Discover and document relationships, keys. Build mapping spreadsheets

Find fields in workflow with a simple search

Included in the Meta-Update distribution

ServiceNow Support

Sample output

Orlando build — in our freebies area

Get Instant CSVs of your data

Sample Meta-Query Output Sample Meta-Query Output
A Remedy ITSM Query to get the CTIs from the Product Catalog

Sample Meta-Query Output Sample Meta-Query Output
A ServiceNow Query for Incidents


Easily get all fields and data as a CSV

Issue SQL queries (Remedy only)

Works around server limits

No hidden fields

Interpretted dates, times, Selection fields

Included in the Meta-Update distribution and as Job Templates

Why use us?

Quick absorption   Solving a problem starts with learning — We listen well and learn fast!
Skills Intimate BMC & ServiceNow Data model & workflow knowledge.
Experience Years of BMC ITSM migrations, installations, interfaces, enhancements, apps, integrations.
Value Respect for the bottom-line. Easy handover.

Our Reputation

Innovative ideas.

Bomb-proof solutions that can adapt to changing circumstances.

Clear documentation, expectations, delivery.

Problem ownership. Smooth knowledge transfers.

Problem solved! — On time, in budget.

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